Exploring the Possibilities for Your Next Great Adventure

Embracing change is one of those phrases people say when they want someone else to do it. At The Rosemount, we ask those we serve to look at life transitions as opportunities to explore their hopes and dreams.

If you are contemplating a move to a senior living community or need more care for any number of reasons, there’s no reason to see it as something that will shrink your world. In fact, once they move to a senior living community, most people say they wish they had moved in sooner.

Below are some tips for thinking about change and how to talk about it. Please feel free to add yours to the list!

What you learn may surprise you and provide an opportunity to be open to new ideas. Some people say they want to paint murals, learn ballroom dancing or cook gourmet meals. Care communities can help make those dreams possible by giving us more options and time.

As most of us have to deal with the loss of spouses and friends as we grow older, opportunities to meet new friends are greater in senior living settings than when people are alone in their homes. If you find a loved one is spending more time in front of the television than with others, you might ask what an ideal friend would be—opening the door to visiting an senior living setting to see how relationships can bloom there.

Other ideas if you are talking with a parent or another family member:

The main thing to remember about conversations with loved ones is you are not in charge. Approach them as a respectful partner and involve them in the decision-making process. If you can accompany them on visits to assisted living settings like The Rosemount, chances are the result you are seeking will be more successful.

Finally, remember there are people who can help if talking or thinking about change is too difficult. Family members, close friends and even professional social workers can all provide insights and ideas. Just remember, change doesn’t have to be traumatic or frightening. Dreams and adventures beckon all of us—no matter how old or young we are.

Cost Calculator

To plan a move to an senior living community, you’ll need to know the cost of living currently in your home, including costs for home health care. Before you move, we recommend you consult with a trusted financial adviser to determine what resources are available to you, besides your income.

You may be eligible for benefits from the Veterans Administration that can help support living costs. You may want to talk with a life insurance specialist about cashing out an existing policy for a lump sum that is much greater than the cash surrender value.

Homeowners may be able to use net profits from a home sale to support the cost of living after a move. Some might choose to apply interest earned from the investment of net proceeds after the sale is completed. Others may decide to use the principal amount of their net profits.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans or the spouses of veterans may qualify for the Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Pension (sometimes called the A&A Program). The pension was created to help veterans and surviving spouses who need assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing and oral hygiene.

Assisted and supportive care in a care community qualifies as part of this program, whether care is provided by staff members or a third party. More information may be found here.