Rehabilitation/Respite Suite

We can help you recover faster after a hospital stay or provide an engaging, fun experience at The Rosemount when loved ones are on vacation.

If you are recovering from an injury or illness, you need an environment that provides a bridge between hospital and home. Short-term rehabilitative care at The Rosemount is a comforting solution for times when you need extra support after a hospital stay, or when your extended family goes on vacation. You might also want to stay with us briefly to see if The Rosemount could be a more permanent living option for you.

Our short-term stays offer the services of professionals who can help speed recovery and focus on restoring your strength and abilities. Enjoy a worry-free stay with delicious meals, a calendar of events and activities, comfortable surroundings and assurance that help is here for you when you need it.

Accommodations include the following:

A stay in our rehabilitation or respite suite can give you the time you need to heal, or time to experience what The Rosemount can give you as a permanent resident.

Unit Respite

506 Sq Ft Net

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