Why We Chose Augustana Care

Why We Chose Augustana Care

The Makado Group chose the nonprofit caregiving organization Augustana Care to serve residents at The Rosemount because Augustana Care is a highly professional organization with a philosophy of care that aligns closely with the Makado Group. Augustana Care values the wisdom, experience, humor and talents of older adults. They are our parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends and community volunteers.

They teach our children to read, they help us vote and they listen when no one else will.

Older adults make all our lives better.

Makado has a vision of a community that will help older adults and others in need to live the lives that most inspire them.

Our Guiding Principles:

Augustana Care’s Mission

The mission of Augustana Care is to serve God by fostering fullness of life for older adults and other people in need through the provision of health care, housing and other services in a Christian tradition.

Augustana Care is proud to serve people of all cultures, faiths and traditions.



The Makado Group LLC is a real estate development opportunities firm focused on creating highly functioning senior residential environments that serve as long-term assets and improve the lives of individuals, enhance neighborhoods and build community.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Augustana Care surveys staff, residents and families anonymously every two years using My InnerView, a national survey company. Surveys have shown 91 percent of Augustana Care residents and families were satisfied with their experiences and would recommend Augustana Care to others.

As a non-profit organization, Augustana Care is focused on its mission. Numerous studies cited by the Center for Medicare Advocacy show non-profit organizations rank higher than for-profit organizations for the quality of care they provide.

Why We Chose Augustana Care