Life at The Rosemount is about more than a place to live.

It is about living fully and joyfully by staying connected to people and things that you love. It is also about being able to find the services or care you need right outside your door. That’s what you want—and that’s why we are here.

Fullness of Life

What does living life to the fullest mean to you? At The Rosemount, we seek to help residents make the most of each and every day.

We know how much older adults bring to our communities. They give up hours of their time to care for and teach our children; help us vote; share their wisdom with a smile; greet us at airports and museums and help us find what we are looking for; and much, much more.

Augustana Care, the Rosemount and the Makado Group are honored to offer a vibrant, welcoming environment where older adults can celebrate life. We learn from older generations by listening to them, which helps us anticipate their needs.

Dining at The Rosemount

One of the most meaningful experiences we can have is to break bread with others. Dining at The Rosemount is designed to give residents (and families or friends) time to enjoy their meals and socialize. Our priority is to create meals that not only meet residents’ nutritional needs; they add flavor and variety to diners’ palates. Open dining at The Rosemount allows residents to enjoy meals when they choose, rather than being told what time each meal is being served.

That means taste and texture are crucial ingredients—and because everyone has unique needs, of course, dietary restrictions and preferences are honored and accommodated. Here, you will find low salt, gluten free, diabetic options and more that are healthy and delicious. If you have any special dietary needs, all you have to do is ask.

Care When You Need It

The Rosemount and Augustana Care believe you should receive the right care, when and where you need it:

Residents’ needs at The Rosemount are assessed before they move in so appropriate care can be provided. Assessments are then conducted at least every 90 days and annually.

For residents in either independent or assisted living, health aides are on duty 24 hours a day and can provide the following:

Memory Care

Older adults who need memory care will find a structured, daily program at The Rosemount that includes exercise, music, crafts and more. Our goal is to build on residents’ strengths and abilities in an environment that is serene and easy to navigate.

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Care Suites

Care suites may be the ideal solution for those who are challenged by a chronic illness. Should a higher level of physical care become necessary, The Rosemount offers care suite settings that provide reassurance and comprehensive support. Staff members are trained to provide focused, individual attention to residents, who will find the same amenities and services provided in traditional assisted living. The difference in care suites is that specialized support is also available to address residents’ additional needs.

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