Transitional Care

Do you need to regain skills after an illness or injury? Our rehabilitation suite offers the services of professionals who can help speed recovery while helping you return home feeling confident and refreshed. Skilled nursing services are also available for those who need 24-hour care. If for any reason the rehabilitation suite is not available at The Rosemount, residents can find care at the Apple Valley Village Health Center or Hastings Senior Health & Living.

Open Circle of Apple Valley — Adult Day Program

Residents at The Rosemount who are seeking more structured day services can find a supportive center that honors their stories and traditions. Located within the Apple Valley Villa, the day center provides social connections, a nutritious midday meal, activities, exercise, music and community outings. For more information, call 952-236-2524.

Compare the Pros and Cons of Staying vs. Moving

You may be at an age where you are weighing the options for your future, but find yourself struggling about what to do next. It may be a good idea to write down all the pros and cons of moving to a care community or staying where you are. Our thoughts below may help you get started.

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